"Airplanes are designed sometimes by engineers for engi

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Article on Air France crash which raises --for me-- a lot of questions about the Airbus approach to airliner engineering.

More to learn I'm sure , but it seems as though they've engineered the pilot's chance of rescuing a flight gone bad right out of the equation.


Here's a simple idea off the top of my head: Night vision gear for pilots. If all else fails, give the pilot a fighting chance.

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According to a great frind of mine I asked him a question about the Air France crash just this morning. He flew professionally for many years and has flown this AB also. In his opinion the crash was probalby casued by air turbulance unseen by his doppler radar. The column of air rising casued the turbulance at about 100 mph and when the AB hit it it broke up the air craft. Other this other than the engineering may be factors also. If the black boxes aren't found soon we may never know with
100 % certainty.

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