FSX = Blue Screen?

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I've asked IT's about this, spent the 160 dollars for A new drive and to get it maintained, but I'm still getting a Blue Screen 'O Death when in flight simulator for more than about 20 minutes.

I have 2 gigabytes of RAM, NVidia GEForce 8600GT with 512 megabytes of onboard memory. I do not know why I keep having this issue!

The Screen says "Beginning Physical memory dump" "Memory dump finished"

Please help!

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It's hard to say specifically what is causing your problem, but bluescreens usually come from hardware problems (usually!). Does it happen with any other games?

First step is to make sure that all your drivers are up to date.

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When ever i use a downloaded aircraft it works for a second and then goes to a blue screen and i have to restart. HELP ME!!!

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I was having the same problem about a month ago, and I have a very nice computer. Finally one day the blue screen became a black screen. Spent days trying to figure out the problem, and 42 buck on tech support and didn't get results. Decided to go with my first inclination and bought the cheapest VID card that I could find just to check if it was the problem, and ( walla ) it was my 8800GT had died. So now using gtx 260. Well thought all was totally well until a week ago started having more of the same type crashes. I had just installed PM SOUND and, that's about when it began. After reading in the read-me that the anti virus, or firewall could cause problems, I reinstalled the virus ware and so far so good. But seeing is believing.

Take a look at the possibilities for your situation.

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