Fatal Error FSX is restarting

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Anybody had anything similar to this in free flight? It doesn't happen every flight - but is very annoying when it does to say the least.
I have closed general background programmes down - but it still did it tonight.
With FSX I am running AI Smooth, Project Magneta Altitude call outs etc, and X Pax Passengers.
I am on Vista Home Premium on a new Sony Vaio.
Any help from anyone else who's managed to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Do you have FSX SP2??

I had this same problem until i uninstalled SP2, and the problem ceased to exist.

Most add-ons still will work correctly without SP2.
So if you have SP2, get rid of it and play the game and see what happens.

Your problem should be gone.

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i also have fatal error on windows 7 x64. after few clicks, game just crash, and restart video. i have same problem with fsx and fsx+sp1 and i dont have any addons installed. i made video but quality is not good.

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

All i can say about this problem is if you have SP2 installed the get the it the hell out of your pc.

Ever since i uninstalled SP2 i have NEVER had this problem again.

But if it does still occur with you guys with only SP1 installed, i would suggest reinstalling FSX.
And also make sure there are no mistakes in any CFG files, that might be kinda hard to do but, if that could possibly be the case here, i would uninstall and reinstall FSX but before hand totally delete all CFG files for FSX and inside FSX. (including anything you edited)

Cause doing that and then doing a reinstall gives you a whole new copy of FSX on your pc, where just going and reinstalling without deleting anything leaves traces of x and certain files of x still lurking around your pc.

And also another problem that can cause this is if you don't have a very good PC for fsx, putting major work loads on it like having high settings that your pc really can't handle will crash the game, it might look good at first with the high setting but if your pc sucks then your pc is working it's ass off to run the game and will eventually just crash, thus the fatal error that crashes FSX.

Couple other things, make sure their are NO other big programs and such running other then FSX and what's needed.
Like before you play X, close certain programs like any virus protection, or any extra stuff you installed for your pc that you don;t need running well playing fsx.
Basically close ANY UN-NEEDED programs that are running before playing X, because some of them can start doing somthing that wil interfere with fsx and can make it crash.

Hope any of this advice works.

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hdx Trainee

Well i reinstalled fsx, also reinstalled windows but nothing help. I found out, that i can click with mouse about 15 times and then restart, if i use only keyboard, i can fly all day long. Maybe is mouse driver (razer), i really dont know.

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Jester604 Trainee

I have the exact same problem

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oldsamer First Officer

symbolman, are these the symptoms?

Fatal Error FSX is restarting
in free flight
doesn't happen every flight


Is the "restart" occurring at the completion of loading a previously saved free flight?
if so, then
Will other saved free flights load normally?

I get that once in a while, FSX "restarts" back to the opening (splash) screen when there is something hinky about a saved free flight file. Only thing to do is delete that saved flight in the {load} screen and start over.

On this computer:

FSX Sp2 & Ultimate terrain-X USA on winXp Sp3
intel E8400 3ghz processor (core 2 duo)
intel G31 I/O chipset
2gb corsair 800mhz ram
nvida 8800gtx 768mb

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chilza Trainee

I have the same problem but I think I might have a solution. First go into the control panel and search 'event logs'. The click on view event logs and then on the left click 'Administrative events' or go into custom views and click 'Administrative events'. Then scroll down until you find an application error and click on it. (you may have to serach through a few to find it.) Then you should find one that says faulting application name' fsx exe........ and you should find in it 'faluting module name uiautomationcore dll.' If that is the case download this file which is a different ui automation core dll file at http://www.search-dll.com/dll-files/download/uiautomationcore.dll.html Then go into computer, click on the local disk and go into the windows file. Then scroll down until you find a system 32 folder and then click on that. Scroll just about right down to the bottom and look for ui automationcore dll file. The once you've found it copy paste or move the one in the system 32 folder to somewhere you will remember so you have a backup of it just in case it all goes horribly wrong. Then replace the old dll file with the one you just downloaded then you are done it should work. Close the window the launch fsx and report back what happens. Hope this helps. (By the way most of this was from another link on another website so don't thank me!) 😀 use at your own risk. I'm not responsible for anything that may go wrong.

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Brickwall132 Trainee

Well with me I start a free flight and the loader bar gets to 69% and then it locks up and restarts. I dont know why it would be doing this because I havn't installed anything new in awhile, but I did uninstall SP3 (flightsim.com).

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Jonf1502008 Trainee

I can fly in free flight and anything else it all happens the same. It's menu options. I found that I can start a flight and be in 3D panel and if i'm going back and forth with the GPS or lights then after about 10-15 choices it crashed. MS needs to make a fix for this. and not just uninstall SP2 cuz I tried this, it does not work.

John1231 Guest

Mine didn't start doing this until I installed the damned accelaration add-on

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