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Hello! I have FlightGear v0.9.10 which is downloaded here at flyaway, But after sometime of using it FlightGear many times freezes on the loading scenery objects part whenever I load dawn or dusk, But FlightGear still works well if I set to Day. But when I load Dawn or Dusk it freezes and after a while the screen becomes blue and says: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut to prevent damage to your computer......... It said problem was coming from: ati2dvag. I later found the files called ati2dvag was in the disk C's systems! So now I can only fly in day. Thats probably why all my screenshots of FlightGear is in Day.

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I also have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 which doesn't have too much problems

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There is a newer version of FlightGear that has been released. This will be added to the downloads library tomorrow. I'll post a link here when it's online.

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I tried the new version from it works really bad and ruined the planes of the older version! I'd rather have the older version because at least I can still fly with it very well!

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