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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I am having problems with FSX freezing during play. The screen partially goes white on things like the cockpit details, then it simply freezes up and will not resume? Any ideas?

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Could be a lot of things! Your computer could be overheating, it could be a drivers problem, your computer could be getting overloaded and crapping out, or some part of FSX could be corrupted. Is there something specific that makes it happen? Does it only happen after a little while playing?

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

It seems to run fine, but I've noticed the problem seems to occur when you for explme cycle through several functions say during a landing and taxi. The entire flight is not saved after reboot. I was thinking of playing around with the frame rate if that is something to consider. Otherwise the sim is running full on with everything set to max, so that might be pushing the envelope for both FSX and my computer, although loigically both should easily be able to run this smoothly. It has occured twice and the only way out is to restart the computer.

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oldsamer First Officer

I have a theory about "screen white out" when mousing over cockpit clickables. I began experiencing this after installing FSX sp2 more than a year ago. 3 months ago I re-installed winXp and FSX w/sp1 & 2 as part of an upgrade and DIDN'T see the "screen white out" effect until I began compacting old files during disk cleanup 2 weeks ago!

So,.. Do you use disk cleanup periodically? If so are you compacting unused files to save space on your hard drive?

I suspect since sp2, when we mouse over a hot spot on the screen FSX blanks that section and go's out to find a sub program and graphic. If windows has compacted it, that's gotta be unpacked. Right now my FSX won't white out twice when mousing over the same hot spot during a session.

I've stopped compacting unused files during disk cleanup since I have empty space on the drive.

What is saved after a crash may be a different problem. I began experiencing this when saving a free flight as default just this week!. That problem was solved after correcting 17 registry errors using registry blue.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Thanks, I suspect the problem may lie with the computer or fsx locking when given several rapid inputs. It may have to do with the frame rates or something in the display settings. I used to get momentary white screen on occasion with fsx during night flights, but it doesn't occur as much since reinstalling. I guess I'll need to do a little experimenting with the settings. With everything dialed up to max, or custom, it might be putting a strain in one or the other. Although the CPU is not really working anywhere near a point I'd expect it to be struggling. All it really does is run FSX, and an old copy of the Sims.

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