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I have several aircraft that are void of landing lights and would like to add them along with the red and green lights as well. I have not been able to figure this out but if it is in the mdl file than I'm out of luck. Has anyone every added lights to an aircraft and if so how was it done.


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Are the lights missing from aircraft you have downloaded? If so, ensure you have installed the effects into the FS9 effects folder. Just a thought!

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Hi Welshflyer... The lights are missing on the original files. I kinda think the lights are put on the aircraft at some point in the entire aircraft file that I cannot edit.

Thanks for the reply


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Usually you can add them into the aircraft.cfg file. There should be a section in there for lights... there will also be a few numbers on each line... those numbers correspond to the x y z placement of the lights. A lot of the time it is trial and error... you can eyeball where the lights are placed and tweak the file accordingly.

The beautiful part is you can keep FS open while you make adjustments to the cfg file. Be sure to SAVE the file then reload your aircraft to see the change.

It takes a little work to get them all right but keep at it.

If you post what planes are missing lights and it is something I have I may be able to copy paste the lighting section for it. I bet you may be missing the whole lighting section if you are not seeing them at all.

Hope this helps.

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You got to know the positions of the lights on the aircraft, and you have to type it in the mathematical way like it is in the aircraft.cfg.

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