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if you throttle up, your EPR will go red if you are using the 777 panel, is this ok or is it overheating?

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I was flying the POSKY 767-200 from San Francisco to Manchester, UK. I went to sleep and when I woke I found the plane 2hrs from arriving 😀 , I realized that the EPR in the engine insturments is over 1.40(over 1.40 it goes red), is that overheating? I did a bad landing at Manchester.....

Don't blame me, if you think i did a hard landing because of my fault, go download POSKY 767-200 and see for yourself Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad !

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actually from what I understand that is technically afterburner or at least performs the same function. When going above 99% N1 and N2 (3,4 if a 4 engine jet) you will go into the red this is a power setting only to be used for a set amount of time which would be listed in the POH of the aircraft. Since this is FS9 or FSX you wont need to worry abut this unless you buy some good payware addons. Again this is used only as a sudden need of thrust and used then at 100% MTOW

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thanks 😀

What about N2, it is a whole different thing than N1, when going above 90% N2, it goes red 😕 , I was doing a flight today from KSFO to EGCC, when I woke up, everything was ok, the EPR is not red the N1 isn't red, the EGT isn't red, but the N2 is over 90%, which makes red....

The N1 goes red when over 100%, which is easy to handle, but the N2 goes red when over 90%........

N1 i think means Low Compression RPM, and N2 means High Compressing RPM!

Is it ok for my N2 to go red?

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