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Problem with Aersoft's Mega Airport London Heathrow X

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I bought this scenery as I thought that having just one airport done really properly couldn't do any harm, even though it was quite expensive.

However, when trying it out this morning by doing a circuit in a Mentor (the glass cockpit is good for views!) I had a problem: Flying into land, the runway didn't appear until short finals - in its place was normal ground texture. To line myself up I had given up and used the map after flying all over the place looking for the runway!

Luckily, when it finally did appear there was enough time to get the gear down and actually I pulled of a pretty nice landing (if I do say so myself Very Happy ). However, I can imagine that in a heavier plane this would not be the case.

Is this simply a problem with my pc not having enough power to render it? On the ground in the VC I took a heavyish fps hit down to about 12 during takeoff but in every other view it was fine. Is there any way to solve this issue?

Thanks for the help.

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Probably can't render it as you say.

Turn down some of your slides (autogen and any AI) and see if that works.
I don't know your computer specs but that may be it.


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mossy First Officer

The computer is homebuilt (a skill learnt almost entirely from posts on this forum Very Happy ) and pretty powerful though not approaching a serious gaming rig - specs are as follows:

Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro
4gb 800mhz ram
3.11Ghz AMD (Phenom I think) Processor
Gigabyte GA-MA77O-UD3 / S3 Mobo

Running XP 64bit

4gb more ram to fill the empty slots wouldn't be too expensive - will this make a difference? Seems like overkill.
Also there's the possibility of overclocking it a little but it's not something I've tried before so...

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The computer looks fine but if this is the card then that's your bottleneck.


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mossy First Officer

That's the one except with 512mb Sad got outdated faster than I realised. Would you recommend any particular replacement - NVIDIA or ATI?

EDIT: I found another one of those going cheap on ebay, so how about a crossfire setup? Or is it better to get a whole new card?

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CrossFire and SLI won't work in FSX (unfortunately) I had it in my last machine.
I also had the ATi Radeon 512 X2 X1950 cards.

It depends on the money you want to spend and if your power supply can handle it.
Check out,1634.html


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Duncan (Razgr1z912) Captain

If this is only a problem with Aerosoft, you should try their forums.

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