What can I say? :(

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POSKY(project opensky)'s A330 has a lot of problems. When I land softly and slowly on the center line, I........

Flight AG843 End of flight report Date January 31 2010

Flight ID: AG843
Pilot: Hongming Zheng
Company: World Travel
Aircraft: Project Opensky Airbus A330-300 Air Transat
Flight Date: January 31 2010
Departure: 19h47 (03h48 GMT)
Arrival: --
From: KSFO - San Francisco Intl - Usa
To: BIKF - Keflavik Nas - Iceland
Nbr of Passengers: 295

Accident Report:

The aircraft crashed at 13h59 hitting ground at 109 kt with a vert. speed of -120 ft/m.
There were no known failures on this aircraft at the time of the accident.The cause of the crash remains unknown, most probably it was due to human error. No emergency was declared before the crash.

-295 passengers aboard
-120 killed
-114 injured
-Pilot and flight crew were injured


Flight Distance: 3,643 Nm Landing Speed: --
Time Airborne: 10h10:58 Landing Touchdown: --
Flight Time (block): 10h16:54 Landing Pitch: --
Time On Ground: 00h10:48 Landing Weight: --
Average Speed: 357.58 kt Total Fuel Used: 99472 lbs
Max. Altitude: FL 370 Fuel Not Used: 73761 lbs
Climb Time: 00h17:04 Climb Fuel Used: 6985 lbs
Cruise Time: 09h35:23 Cruise Fuel Used: 91044 lbs
Average Cruise Speed: 371.14 kt (M0.61) Cruise fuel/hour: 9493 lbs (calc)
Descent Time: 00h18:31 Descent Fuel Used: 1442 lbs

Passenger Opinion: Terror and grief. (0%)
-Were highly entertained by the movie.
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.

Crash Financial Report:

Taking into account the state of the aircraft and its current resale value after the crash. The insurance company decided to pay a total of $6,383,442 which represents 21.78% of the resale value. You can now decide to repair or sell the wreck. The insurance will pay all other damages. The insurance rate increased by 0.82% and is now 10.38%.
Total Sim Income: $6,383,442

Company Reputation:

Due to the crash, your company reputation is now: 87% (-8.96 decrease)

Overall Flight Result: Crash

Pilot's Penalty points: -850 points
Crash! You hit the ground with an impact speed of -120 ft/mn. There was no failure aboard this aircraft before the crash and many passengers died because of pilot error. (-850)


Another one with the POSKY A330: https://forum.flyawaysimulation.com/forum/topic/35879/something-is-wrong-with-contact-points/

I guess I need to land at faster speed to keep the nose from dropping down. 🙄

Seen that I wasn't dead, I recorded the flight Crying or Very sad . And now it says on my log that I have passengers killed.

RIP virtual passengers

It was NOT a real crash, come on, hitting the runway's centerline 120fpm would NOT be a crash

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109 knots that does seem a bit slow for the A330. As a general rule of Thumb I like to land the heavy's around 130-160 knots IAS.

Oh and your Pilot is not dead...any landing you acn walk away from is a good one. 😎

more excellent piloting! 😀

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109kts cuz i was trying to do a good touchdown so i idle throttle and flare for a while to put it down smooth, i did do a smooth landing but the speed was low so the nose came down and broke, i still don't see how 120 will be killed 🙄 . I think POSKY's A330 have a bug, i had many accidents like this happen just with the A330(and sometimes POSKY 737 but thats ok 😉 ). It almost never happens any other POSKY plane. and I always approach at a speed more than 130IAS but on flare my speed at touchdown is slow. like 737 my approach speed is 130 but on flare it goes to 120. The 747 i flew today from KSFO to EHAM, when I approach its fast(i don't see the speed but i think its 150 to 160) but when I land its 149kts.

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