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I would love to see ms flightSim come up with a program that would allow you to fly formation either as part of a professional team or during military exercises. It would be especially neat when used in conjunction with the IR3PRO tracking system. What do you think?

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crosscheck9 Guest

do you mean like when your not flying multiplayer. If so, I think it would be pretty nice. In terms of military formation, I think that should just be left out for the CFS team. But you have a pretty good idea going there. Why dont you post it in the "Sticky" post for what you think should be improved in Fsim. Way to go!

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

I have flown many moltiplayer sessions where there were 7 AC flying there and we wrre in formation.
Maby not wing tip to wing tip but all going close together in formation.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check this out, there is an update for 2004 on the download page.


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