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Do you like dirt runway take off and/or landings?
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I'm having trouble with the Project Opensky 747 package. There are three parts; the base file, the sound and the airline textures. I downloaded all of them with no problems but when i installed them, the sound and plane work but none of the textures show. I tried to put the texture folder in the airplane's folder itself, i tried to put it in the aircraft(for FS) folder, and i tried to put it in the textures folder under FS. And i'm pretty sure its compatible with my computer sooo.....if someone could help me out, i would be most grateful. 😀

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😕 The aircraft folder should contain a different folder for Panel,sound,texture and model
I no longer have fs2002 on my PC but I do remember that certain aircraft would not show correctly untill they were edited in the aircraft edit program
From my old memory Ermm... click start/programs/fs2002/aircraft editor

Give that a try

Oh,your landing poll,I like any landing 😂

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I don't have 2002 so follow TTT's advice.

Dirt runways, I'm a tail-dragger and I love small strips.


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Thanks alot, but i couldn't find the editor; oh well, there are plenty more add ons where that come from. I like to think of myself as a bush pilot; thats why i put that poll there

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😕 Its there,but you have to look for it Umm... mabe it was only in the pro version
Just incase click start(bottom left) and inthe screen that opens click programs.then if you click fs2002 a smaller window will open and it should be there

Hope it helps

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