Download the default EH-101?

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

I was just wondering if you could download the default Augusta Westland EH-101 from somewhere?

I lost my FSX Acceleration Disk and I REALLY Want it because I have seen a few RNZAF Repaints for it...


<<<Ct-4e Airtrainer>>>

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Nelson Robison (photoshock) Trainee

Tom12, There is a way that you can get the disc replaced. You have to contact Microsoft and they will send a replacement for you. Radarman, knows the specific people to contact, you can private message him and he will give you the information to get the replacement disc.
I know that it is frustrating to lose one of the most important discs in the flight sim. So please try this suggestion.

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RadarMan Chief Captain
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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

Thanks Radarman! It worked perfectly and it's working fine on my computer.


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