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My wheels lock up when I brake

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James Payton (James_Payton) Trainee

Basically, when I brake, my wheels completely lock up, and they didn't used to do that. it's since I reinstalled flight sim + windows.

my pc has
4gb ram,
1tb HD
2.10ghz processor.

It's making the braking on the jets uncontrolable, it spins out. It is so annoying.

help it really appreciated, thank you

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

Check the Microsoft Website it might be a fix with SP2 And Acceleration Expansion Pack. I have the default FSX game but not the Acceleration pack as it messes up my pc. Yeh, so just try that and it should work. PM me if you have any other reacurring problems with FSX.


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