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before i post my message just be warned that this is not going to be a 1 or 2 liner....just so you know...

hi guys, i may not have many post here but i have a problem with a certain area that i fly by alot in FS2004. I have installed and reinstalled FS many times over the last few months since ive been living @ home again (after living in banff alberta for a few years) and everything works so well. Every area that i fly works like a charm, except for the area right around CYWG (winnipeg). I have removed the scenery file from my computer and from the scenery listing in the FS.

Yet everytime i reinstall FS it CTD just outside of CYWG. I admit that many times when i uninstall FS i do the "keep the old files" function.

I guess im going to have to make a bakcup of all my planes and aircraft...because the CTD area is still there. I also admit that i had removed it a while ago then tried to copy the folder when i realized cywg was a *.exe file, maybe thats what im doing wrong...

so my project is for today to remove FS copy all my files and make a backup of it... ...then r-install it..

if it still CTD's after flying around cywg area ill let you know...


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Some areas do have "bugs" maybe you found one of them.
Sometimes installing patch 9.1 will help.
It can be found in our download section.


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I found the culprit, it was just around the kenora area......

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