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Help with helicopters

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Jay (ejay31) Trainee

I am unable to fly any helicopter without crashing it. I lose control and the helicopter starts spinning in circles. Can you please supply me with some tip for flying a helicopter? Many thanks, ejay31.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your not the only one. Embarassed

Scroll on the left to "Training" and follow that, see if it helps.


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

So when does your out of control spinning start? What situations are it that you lose control? The helicopters are touchy, but it's all about getting to understand them and their movements better, and a few more specifics should help with that.

Unlike most planes that fly wherever you choose, helicopters naturally want to move in certain ways, going where they choose. Look at it like walking a St. Bernard...they certainly know where they want to go and have the power to take you there (regardless of your input), but as soon as you learn to tame their desires or turn their direction to something else, it can be a smooth ride!

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turbotay Trainee

it could be ur joystick lost calaberation to fix it go to options controls joystick calaberate joystick and follow the instructions, if you don't have a joystick and your just using the keyboard i highley sugest getting one because they make flying easier.

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