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Having a problem w/ my throttle. I have a Saitek throttle w/ a CH flight yoke. Out of the blue, I couldn't take off due to lack of power. I went into the VC and noticed the throttle was at 40-50%. I can manually move the throttle w/ my mouse but it always goes back to the mid-point. This happens both in FS9 and FSX; all aircraft. I checked my control settings and they seem to be ok. I turned off the Saitek throttle and assigned the z axis to the throttle on top of the CH yoke.
Same problem. I'm at a loss and currently grounded until I get this fixed. Any takers on this one out there?

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Start your computer, then unplug all your controls, turn computer off and restart. Plug all controls back in and give a try.

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Didn't work, Accelor. Thanx for trying!

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In desperation, I re-installed FS8. Guess what? It fixed the throttle problem. Go figure!

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