Saitek Quad Throttle Problem

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I'm having a problem w/ my Saitek Quad Throttle and FS9. Out of the blue, the throttle startes off on full. It doesn't stasy where I put it. When you go the the VC and observe the throttle, you can see the throttle sticks flucuating. In addition to all that, I can't get to full throttle when I manually attempt to - probably 85-90%. The Saitek works fine in FSX.

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You need to adjust the throttle sensitivity. play with it and you will be able to reach a happy medium

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I 've the subject for long time and this is what I did:
Forget about included software, WinXP SP3 is enough.
Keep sensitivity to max and nullzone to "O".
The above is ok for me.

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