Off Topic but YAY! PREMOTION!

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Yay! A week ago I was called into the Sqdn Commanders Office. It turned out I had been selected to be one of 4 people in the RNZAF to fly the Boeing 757 for VIP transport. So right away I accepted and now I'm waiting for the special e-mail for information on the training course (yes there is one in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.) Hopefully it'll be in the next week or two. I'll keep ya' posted.

RNZAF Pilot; Tom Kilpatrick.

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Karlw Captain

Holy mackerel! That's amazing, Please post pictures to if you can! 😳

and certainly a big CONGRATS to you! 🍻

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

That's quite a promo man, congrats.
Biggest promo i ever got was going from a C172 to a CRJ700 haha

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

Here are some Pics Karlw...
-This one was taken yesterday.

-About RNZAF No. 40 Sqdn.

Uhm, I don't know how to post actual photos so someone might have to teach me Surprised.

I got the e-mail!

It turns out it is in 3 weeks at Whenuapai AFB. We're first training in the RNZAF C-130H Hercules. And after a week, we start training in the 757.

I'll keep ya' posted.

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Karlw Captain

Thank you so much! That is absolutely fantastic!

If I may say, you just might have to coolest job on this website!

...anyone here an

Thanks again, and best of luck! 🍻

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

Haha, I think I might have the best job; except from the RNZAF Airplane Tester & Developer. Thats where you get to fly the old Airmacchis and A-4's and manage and/or buy new aircraft as we need them.

Time for a beer i reckon 🙂)

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