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Hi all

It is with great sadness that I shall be hanging up my wings and calling it a day with Flight Simulator. 😞

Recently I was running FS2004 on Windows7 and all seemed well. It took me 4 months to get two thirds of the way through the rebuild, with the limited time I now have available due to a new baby.

However, last month it locked up and all I could do was hit the restart button - since then it has failed to reboot and depsite all the expertise of my IT guy, the only option laft available is so reinstall the OS. As anyone will know, most add-ons cannot be copied and have to be re-installed. Hence I have decided that I am not going through this process again only to be disappointed again.

It would be great if one day Microsoft could produce a flight simulator which was a complete package, without the need to improve, but I suppose this would put a lot of talented people out of a job!! My ony other option is to wait 18 years for the little one to grow up and hence have more time available again 😉


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Farewell! Know how you feel, since my son being born in January, haven't been able to find the time to use the sim.

Hopefully one weekend will actually be able to fire her up again.

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