Who is this BelGeode guy... I know him from somewhere... hmm

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Yeah yeah I know, I have been a baaaaad flyaway member... Well I am here. Figured I would check in to see what shenanigans y'all are getting up to. (And I missed Welshie's pix.)

First I am still alive... rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Second- I STILL have not caught Steeler Air yet! Stupid plane keeps eluding me.

Do I still fly FS2004? Yes but not often these days.

Am I flying with any VAs? No... sorry all, save the invites... I do not even log into VATSIM anymore. No plans on joining any VAs, running any VAs, starting any VAs.... pretty much no time for any VAs.

I did lose my job as i expected back in August last year, and am still unemployed, BUT I have been trying to make some money online through the virtual world (ie- game) Second Life.

SL is NO FS... Far from it.. the physics engine is unrealistic, you cannot get the same level of accuracy in flight models, etc... BUT even though SL (Second Life) was never designed to be a flight sim, there is a HUGE aviation community there that flies often. It is that community I am contributing to.

I started Stardust Enterprises... a company that makes helicopters, planes, hovercraft, and anything else I feel like building today. Here's an example of the things I have made so far... my pride and joy is the Chinook. No one else has one like it.

Now bear in mind the prices u will see are ingame money prices... BUT if you accrue enough, you can convert it to rl money... which is my goal once the company breaks even. So far I have made enough to rent out my own island, which I promptly built an airport on hahahha. Yolo Island... Yolo stands for you only live once.

What happened to US AIR Tales???

Well when i lost my job, I lost my bank acct, and thusly, my image hosting site... so the stories might still be up, but the pictures will not load... notice my avatar and sig are missing too. If anyone can suggest a truly FREE hosting site where i can dump all 5 million and 1 pictures to, let me know.

Right now I am on vacation... staying with my girlfriend Janean in Alabama... but I will be back home in PIT on weds nite, and back to building airplanes. Those who have me on facebook will notice i rarely check in... too many people trying to start drama (none of you though)... so try not to send me invites to anything cause they are usually ignored.

I did get some awesome pix of the aircraft in the naval air museum at NAS Pensacola, so I may upload them for you all to see... It was really sad to see the big cat at rest..... knowin that great bird once ruled the skies. RIP Tomcat... at least I got to sit in the cockpit haha.

Ok gonna sign off for now... just remember with me no news is good news. I never forget you all... And I will try to check in more often!

Blue skies all!!!!


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WHEYHEY Bel good to hear from you 😀 ! SL is looking good and i hope you do well with it and Stardust Enterprises 👍 so get Whip and give us the next gen FS that's so much better than FSX 😀 !
On a more serious note it is great to hear from you, sorry about the job but enjoy the vacation and don't be a stranger come and "see us" more often 😀 .

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I am making it a habit to check in a bit more often now haha. Oddly enough I found a few FS afficionados in SL hahaah. I may have to convert them and get em on vatsim. Business is going well... working on an S 3 Viking now. Just did my first SL carrier trap today haha.

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