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I am thinking about buying the lotus Albatros fighter . It coast 40.00, Im still not real confident that I know how to install downloads into FXS. Is this Lotys product self installing. Dont wann blow my 40.00. As usual , help is appreciated. Maybe someday I can return the favor.

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I can't say but usually pay-ware is self installing.


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Thanks again Mr. Radarman.

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L-39 Albatros 14
Simply double click the installer executable to begin the installation process. The installer
should automatically detect your FSX install folder. If it does not then please enter this
manually in the window provided. This manual will be installed into a /Lotussim folder
in your main FSX folder.
Vista users NOTE
If you experience any problems with the installation, such as switch clicks and other extra
sounds in the cockpit not working, please uninstall the L-39 package through your
Add/Remove programs function in the windows control panel.
After that right click the original installer executable and select "Run as Administrator",
then complete the install process as before.
After Installation
Please note that the Lotus L-39 contains a large number of files, especially textures, and it
is *highly* recommended to perform a full disc defragmentation after installing this
package. Windows' built in defrag is largely useless and so I highly recommend
downloading Ultimate Defrag or O&O Disc Defragmenter. Both have free trials available
if you do not already own one of these excellent programs.
When performing defragmentation select complete/name or alphabetical sorting for best
results. Performing such complete defragmentations on all of your hard drives regularly
will prolong their lifespans and dramatically increase performance of texture loading on
the L-39 as well as general FSX and system performance.

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I tried this, I guess Im not doing this right. I do get some nice video of water and Islands. No boat in sight. Thnks for the help and advice on the defrag. I am running windows 7 home premiun 64 bit. I just got and boy am I lost. I miss my xp.

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