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Ok, I am new to the EZCA camera for fsx and I have some questions that I can't find the answers to anywhere... I am trying to get the mouse view where you can do 360's and what not to stop moving around for like when I want to hjit a switch in the VC but I can't get it to stop moving. I want to like be able to click it on and off. Can anyone help me find a solution here? Any help would be great! 🙂

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Go to the Flight1 site, look for EZdok Camera, near the bottom of the page you'll find EZdok User Manual in .pdf format.

I doubt anyone could explain the workings of EZdok better. Here's an excerpt:

There are five buttons that enable or disable different camera modes. EZCA saves the state
of the buttons for every camera independently.
PTP (Point-to-Point)
This mode enables or disables smooth switching between the cameras. In this mode camera
smoothly floats from the current position to a new one. This effect is only possible if PtP mode is
enabled for both cameras: the currently active camera, and the camera you want to switch to. If at
least one of the pair has this mode disabled, switching to the camera will occur instantly without the
smooth effect.
360º view
This mode enables unlimited camera rotation around the vertical axis (heading). If it’s disabled you
will not be able to rotate the camera more than 180º.
POV (Point Of View)
This mode allows you to move the camera with the arrow buttons on the keyboard maintaining
constant angular positions of the direction of sight. This mode can also be temporarily enabled by pressing and holding middle mouse button.
ML (Mouse Look)
This mode allows the user to look round with the mouse. This mode can also be temporarily enabled
by pressing and holding middle mouse button.
Z (Zoom)
Enables camera zoom control with the mouse wheel.

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Thankyou, but I already have the manual and have read it completely and I still do not understand how to be able to hit buttons in the cockpit of a plane using my mouse to click around without the camera moving...

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