FSX & Directx 9.0c causing horizontal breaks

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I have a image issue with DirectX 9.0c after reinstalling FSX on my PC. I get these horizontal breaks as shown on the screenshot in full screen. If i minimize my screen size slightly then It's kind of gone until I hover the mouse over a icon in the task bar then they re-appear. Move the mouse away from the Taskbar then it recovers back to normal. I might add that everything works perfectly with DirectX 10, no problems at all. I've been using the same SW and HW for a long time so nothing has been changed other than re-installing FSX last week to fix another unrelated issue.

I need to use DirectX 9 since some of my add-ons are compatible with this version. If anyone has a solution please comment on this post because i am desperate to get this fixed because its ruining my flight simulator experience. Please note I am only a teenager gaining flight experience as I am in the ATC so please understand that I am not that computer literate as I sure many of you are, I just fly planes !

My PC is a custom built my dad got for me running Vista 64bit OS, has 8 Gig Ram and Nvidia geforce 8800 GTS graphics card if that helps.


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Go to Settings, Custom, check the AA box if is not. Check if that did the trick.

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thanks for the help mate but yes it was ticked. I un-ticked it to see what difference it made and i still kept having the problem. Thanks for your help tho 🙂

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It could be the video card (overheating) in that case clean out the dust from the computer. Be sure to clean the video card fan and the CPU fan.

It also could be the video card drivers, clean out the old and load new.

If you've never had this problem before those are the best bet.


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Im sorry for the late reply. I have tried these two ideas getting out the dust and installing the new graphic card software but still no luck. Has anyone please got any more ideas.

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