Viper Kirk Olsson airspeed guage not in zip file

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I'm trying to install this amazing jet, I also have downloaded Eric Marciano's F-16 panel.

I read the install directions to both, moved the appropriate files, didn't overwrite Kirk's panel.cfg

FlightSim Manager told me this guage was missing:


So, i opened up Eric's panel.cfg it says this:

gauge29=f162k_airspeed, 304,414,99,97

So I know it's looking for that particular guage.

I have been through both Kirks and Erics downloads, and that guage file is nowhere in either download or in any zipped folder. I've downloaded twice and it just ain't there.

I must be missing something as this is just too basic not to be included. Anyone else solved this problem or know how I can get that guage as it is still not showing up on my list of available aircraft.

Many thanks.... Andy 😂

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Thanks Tom,

No, i used the link recommended in Kirk's Viper download which is

I went to your link and downloaded that panel and still couldn't find the missing guage.

let me ask you this...

1. would a missing guage cause the jet not to load?

2. Can i bypass that someway?

3. Can i just substitute another jet's airspeed indicator in the cfg file?

many many thanks

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Most of Erics panels require FSUIPC to work
Make sure you have the latest version ➡

Also on the download link I posted there is a FAQ section which may discribe your problem for another aircraft

Let us know how you get on

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thanks again Tom,

I downloaded FSUIPC and installed it, and it is on the FS2004 menu bar so i know its working. I also downloaded and installed the access key for eric's panel.

Unfortunately, no change.

It remains a mystery, which seems to be somewhat still a part of the simulation state of the art. I think my current motivation to pursue this further is about over for right now.

IF anyone reads this in the future and knows how I can get the guage that is missing, or happens to have it, i would LOVE to hear from you.. thanks for all the help..


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