a common procedure?

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For all you real life pilots, is requesting IFR in midflight common. I often do this in the sim, to avoid being controlled for 8 hours above the atlantic. Thanks

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Now if you had a co-pilot sitting next to you, you wouldn't need to do that (neat) trick. 😀

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I can't think of a situation in general aviation where you would cancel a flight plan to then resubmit it later on. Regarding commercial flight this would be a No No! You would not want to fly commercially without a radar service and in most countries law states flying anything over 5700kg means filing from A to B.


No problem with filing IFR in flight. On the way back to my home airport the weather closed in with cloud down to 700' AGL. Only way to get home was to request and file en-route IFR.

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In GA when things turn to.....muck then filing IFR inflight is sometimes the only option. My previous point was that in commercial flight you would not cancel to later re-submit. 700ft cloudbase sounds like good VFR flying in the UK!

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Hi. When your are flying across the Atlantic you are probally at a high altitude like 35,000ft. At 35,000ft. you don't have your minimum 3 mile visibility so you can't fly VFR. So, no it is not common for airplanes flying across the Atlantic to open IFR flight plans.

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I would say at 35k you generally do have good vis as you are above the murk but as a transport ac you WILL be under IFR.

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