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I purchased the whole saitek range a few months back and installed it on my machine that was running vista and used it no problems.
Not long ago i brought a new system that runs Windows 7 64bit, and therefore installed the range to the new machine.
Unfortunately though the flight display will not work.

I have tried downloading the latest drivers from saiteks website, uninstalling and then reinstalling. And installing another FSUIPC as i was getting error messages (which this solved).
I have also installed as advised by saitek customer support a 3rd party programming software, however this was for the panels not the display so was pretty pointless.

Saitek dont seem to have a clue, which makes me think this isnt a common problem.

If anyone has had the same problem or has any suggestion the advice is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for responses!

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Leo de Haan (Dutchkip) Trainee

Hi there,

What do you mean by flight display?
If you mean the Pro Flight Multi panel, I have to say that I had a lot of problems as well and Saitek support was non existend.
However there is a program that you can download for free at this website
It gave me a lot more stability.

Good luck!

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