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I am an FS9 relative beginner with marginal computer skills. Why is it that whenever I download or purchase add-on scenery it looks great from on high, but upon flying low level it appears unfocused and spotty?? - or am I purchasing bad products. Secondly - Is there a quality add-on to enhance the Florida Keys?

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If you could tell us what scenery you bought we might be able to help but it's probably your settings in FS (i just can't get my Imaginesim KATL to stop shimmering) , as for Florida there is a download available called Freeflow Florida which enhances the State. I don't know if it's in the files here or not but it is available elsewhere and it's freeware!

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It makes no difference what I purchase or download, low level is always spotted and out of focus. I tried Free Flow Florida. It works well with the big cities like Miami, but the Keys are not enen connected to one another.

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Technically the FLorida Keys AREN'T attached to each other... 😉 Unless you count US 1...

But that having been said, FreeFlow Florida is the universal standard for the entire state including the keys. Also check your texture settings, especially resolution for the tiles. I would be willing to bet that may help.

If you are REAL good at modding the fs9.cfg there are a couple extra tweaks you can do to reduce blurring and spottiness. I won't go into those unless you really really want to know.

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Most scenery is usually photo-realistic. This has to do with pixelation. Ever take a picture that looks great however if you zoom in on it on a computer it looks like a bunch of squares? well that's the case with photo-realistic scenery. When your higher in the air you can view 100x more pixels than you could on the ground making the image much more better. But hey you're in the air most of the time in FS anyways.

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