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Can anyone tell me where the Fs9.cfg file is located? This seems like a stupid question but after running a search on Fs9.cfg, my search came up with nothing. If it is a hidden file then how can I find it. Seems strange I cannot find this file as FS9 is dependent on this file at startup.


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To expose hidden folders go Control Panel, switch to Classic View, double-click on Folder Options, select the View Tab and make sure 'Show hidden files and folders' is checked.

NOTE: By default the option 'Do not show hidden files and folders' are checked.
Now click on Apply and OK.

The hidden files and folders should now be exposed.

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Hi Tailhook... Thanks for the advice. I am using Win2000 but got the idea and got the hidden file to display itself. Thanks for the tip, it solved the problem.



Find FS9 CONFIG File :

C/your name/App Data/Roaming/Microsoft/FS9

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