The FLY AWAY 2004 Awards

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Here's a post where you can present virtual awards to fellow members and guests who have inspired you or made you laugh, or perhaps who have been generous with their time or patience.

Here are mine :-

Radar Man
For unconditional help to all, and the patience required to answer the same question 16,645 times (we were all new once). He saves us time in finding things and is a 100% solid foundation of this forum. Well done and thank you RM.

Tom The Tank (TTT)
Firstly, bear in mind that this fellow is WELSH.... Now the Welsh don't have the same genes or level of evolution as the rest of us, so they have to make twice the effort to apply themselves! 😂 This one goes to TTT for doing a cracking job at Moderating, and because this chap sent me a CD through snail mail with stuff on that I appreciate on a daily basis. He may be half Sheep but he's a darn good chap!

Dave C
What can I say about Dave C ? An absolute stirling gent who apart from helping me by setting up an entire Virtual Airline for me (and painting the fleet), has also done the same for others. He's done repaints for Chris103, FEM, to name but a few. I firmly class Dave as a real friend and think that his Scottish humour and temperament are absolute gold dust on here! Dave, you're one in a million.

For me, PH gets an award for contribution to the actual essence of this site - his knowledge of flying. PH is a real pilot but he's very modest about this and doesn't shout about it. For me, his postings have been the most fascinating in terms of real flying and airline operation. PH was also kind enough to send me up the best A320 ever! (some will know how long I moaned about not having a decent A320).... Not only that he called me to talk through it. Well done and thanks PH, you've really got wings !

Kurt P Stevens
Kurt gets a special mention from me because I know Kurt and I enjoy a lot of similar flying within the sim, and Kurt gave me real kind feedback about my "Baron 58" World Tour.... Kurt is a true gent on this site and we can't have enough of these types of people. He was on here before me (a lot were), and gets my respect.

How could I miss him off here ? Hey, it's boring when everyone agrees with eachother! Well, truth is FEM and I have a mutual respect, and I wouldn't change him for the world. His knowledge of the Core Sim is unmatched for me. I challenge his (sometimes controversial) comments sometimes but what he may not know is that I read ALL of his postings and I have learned LOTS about the Sim from him. An example is hitting CTRL+S to get a top down view of the world. I didn't know about this for a long time, and now it's something I use on every flight - thanks FEM - you're part of what makes this site so great.

Guest Ed
Ed loves his FS tours and adventures, same as I do, and we have both inspired eachother for some great creative flying tours within the Sim. Thanks for the help and ideas with routing Ed, and good look with the Amphibian Tour !

....and Finally
There are a lot of people who I've not mentioned above who have been fab this year and who I owe a lot too. 'Flyaway' I don't know you so well but I know you're a major part of the site, so thank you. All other regular members and guests, thank you !

Ok, well the tears are wiped dry and it's time for me to step down from the podium to let someone else speak. 😉

The GPS Kid

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Why thank you soooo much for the award,and please dont bother sending it as I will collect in the New Year,when me and a few hundred of my pals(one shown above) will call and wreak havoc on your garden,your car(yes they can drive)
And please prepare yourself for Robert the Ram(he's the leader of the flock) Ass

You had better take a few pints of this 1st

One final thought for you,I am not the only Welsh member here,so be warned

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PH First Officer

I would like to thank my dad.....and most of all GPS-Kid although I am in debt to the tune of about 12 million quid! Thanks for the disk! I will remember you when I am back in the black.

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Chris102 Chief Captain

*clearing throat*

I like to nominate Radarman, Tom The Tank (TTT), FEM, The GPS Kid, Dave C, Agus0404 (always has something interesting to say Wink), and Flyaway.

If I had to pick one person it would be Radarman Wink

Thank you, goodnight, and merry Christmas.


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Ohiosimmer Trainee

I would like to thank all of those who made this site a possibility, the civility and patience that everyone demonstrates is I think what is so special about this site, ever since I joined this site its been the only one that I visit at least twice a day, even if I am at the office I still do check in and see what is going on.

I would also like to thank THE GPS KID, RADAR MAN, TTT, and FEM, and many more, you all have been a great help for me......thank you

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's never an individual that makes the site it's the members that do.
I nominate the membership for making this site a very pleasurable place to visit every day.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I would have to agree with Radarman, and i couldnt nominate just one person for anything, You've all helped me, and I'm glad you feel I've helped you. Its all I try and do, but sometimes, if i'm having a bad day, or somehting doesnt go right, it reflects. And I want all of you to know, its not you guys. It can never be you guys! I love flight sim, and i love talking about it. Sure, it's not a chick magnet, but hey, thats why i have my muscular man-boobs 😛😛😛😛 *"

That was a quote from maddox.

Anyway, I do have to say one thing, to one Kid. thats GPS Kid.

GPS-KID. I would have to thank you for keeping me in line. You take the "father figure" type of attitude here, sometimes. Especially when I get angry or something. Sure, I try to apologise when i'm feeling better, but you make sure that I know i should!

I'm glad you're here, I'm glad you all are here. And to be honest, more than half the time, I'm joking around, but i'll forget to put in a 😛 or something, and it'll come out wrong, and GPS kid will go all wild-monkey-kungfu on me, and make sure I apologise or insert a 😛 when nesessary...I'm also trying to learn the art of the monkey, but he refuses to teach me... 😳

Guest Ed Guest

Why, thank you, The-GPS-Kid. I'm honored to be mentioned in such elite company. Tonight I raise a glass to you (waving my glass in the general direction of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne-- that's somewhere east of Los Angeles, right?). 😂

Everyone who visits here contributes something-- all those mentioned above contribute their considerable knowledge of sim flight AND real-life flight, the site owners and mods keep it running smoothly, and even the noobs who drop by every day and ask "How do I land a 747 on autopilot????????" contribute by stimulating discussion.

This is a very pleasant place to visit and chat. Every time I come here, I learn something or get an idea that I want to try.


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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

There are two people that I would like to nominate.

Radarman. Whenever I ask a question, most of the time he will take his time and find a site that has to do with my question. One time I didn't know what cowl flaps are, so he took his time and found a website for me. Thanks!

Flyaway! This site would be nothing without him. He is the moderator for every forum!

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Every one of those that had been nominated has a lot to offer (and some ones has some dark sides as well) but as a person following the forum for to years and a member for some 1 year I would nominate RadarMan in the first place and TTT as the second . I have no doubt about the contribution of RadarMan to this forum since he became a member and I wish to know him better personally (and to understand how for god shake can he find all that time for us)

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Thanks for your kind words David, and congrats to RadarMan, TTT, Dave C, PH, FEM, and Guest ED!



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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

inspiring words - thank you guest.

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