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I have an old Wingman Force 3D Joystick and on both FS9 and FSX I get sudden loss of control ( usually left roll - not a stall). I have windows 7. Can anyone help please

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See if they have new software on their website.


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Thanks Radarman. I looked up the website and found my joysick but there were no downloads for Widows 7. I tried Vista, and downloaded the 64bit driver. It seemed to be for a newer version of my Joystick. Worked perfectly (in the short time I tried it) in FSX but FS9 refused to start unless I unplugged joystick and it froze if I plugged it in later.
So have restored computer to previous (I had already re-installed the original driver). Seems to be working OK now in FS9 (which I still love) but I detected a twitch, which I don't think was tip stall, in FSX. Will try to get some more flying time to see what happens. It is intermittent, but severe.
Thanks again.

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