FS2004 Computer, will it work?

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Hey there, I have a Windows XP Dell Inspiron 6400, with an ATI Radeon 1300. Will FS2004 work with all settings to max, and with addons?
Thanks! and how many fps will I get?
Thanks a lot,
Alex 🙂

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i have an integrated video card and it worked for me.....but as for max...256 MB - DDR2 SDRAM is your video card....i have a slightly bigger mb and can run on high....if you wanna run high get a card with 1gb much better.....

azabetas Guest



I know that it worfs on windows on windows vista and maybe XP, but i'm not sure about XP.{ 😕 }

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Anonymous wrote:

I know that it worfs on windows on windows vista and maybe XP, but i'm not sure about XP.{ 😕 }

If you're gonna bump up an old Hardware thread, at least choose one that's been posted in the correct forum section - it's called Hardware...I know it's pretty tricky but I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if after your favourite base-ball team just commenced the final for the championship the umpires decided to change the rules, get rid of the balls and let the players clobber themselves senseless with the bats just for the fun of it.

Rules exist for a reason.

BTW, that's a pretty cryptic sentence/statement/post you got here. Sounds very much like many of the scriptures I've read. The good news for you, if this profound sentence was indeed divinely inspired, you will have been automatically elevated to the rank of no less than a prophet.

Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down

...the bad news: You have to stay off the booze...forever! Twisted Evil

🍻 🍻

guest1000 Guest

Someone has arrogance issues....

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I don't mind it, his posts almost always make me laugh, I like his sense of humour! 😂

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