Justflight British Airports AFCAD mod problems

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Windows XP (fully up to date with service packs etc) Dell dimension PC Flight Sim FS2004 COF

I have installed JUST FLIGHTS British Airports Scenery vols 1-5 and have noticed that their files are AFCAD files. As I regularly use AFCAD v2.210 to modify stock airports and addon 3rd party scenery's with no problems, I thought I would be able to modify some of the JUST FLIGHT AFCAD airports. I carried out some changes and saved the file in the normal manner to addon scenery/scenery folder as usual, only to find that my changes did not appear in fs2004! The JUST FLIGHT British Airports scenery packs install into the normal scenery folder by default so I thought this is maybe why I'm having this problem so I tried saving my mod's into the Just flight scenery folder over-riding the original .bgl folder , still no joy! I contacted JUST FLIGHT to see if their AFCAD files were protected in some way and apparently they are not. So I wondered if any other fs2004 user has had this problem. As I say the JUST FLIGHT AFCAD files are the only ones I have a problem with. ❓

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