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Hey There,

maybe this has been discussed before...but anyway
I need some help with my camera view points...
Normaly I fly the Nemeth Design EC 135 with a wonderful working "Fixed Point View", but this one is missed in most aircraft Packages...
As I heard it would be possible to add it.
Can anyone help me?


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Glutton for punishment eh?

Yeah it is possible to add... But it takes some experimentation to get it right. My suggestion would be find a plane with the perfect fixed view you like... open its cfg file, and find where the listing is for that view. Copy and paste it to the plane you are trying to change, then test.

After testing it will probably look like crap, so start tweaking the x y and z settings (usually three numbers in the line itself), till you get what you are looking for.

save save save and always make a backup before you mess with a cfg.

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