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I have not yet found a way to "padlock" a view from the virtual cockpit that will allow me to do a stationary look at the runway while on downwind and crosswind legs of a normal traffic pattern, while using your seat of the pants feel to maneuver the aircraft. I'd like to put this view into a joystick button that would be easy to switch back and forth to the panel.

You can obviously use the pan hat switch on a joystick to move the view so that you can watch the runway-- but that takes constant clicking to keep the view you want. In Combat flight sims this padlock function helps you maintain virtual frame of reference on your target and is very realistic in how you would monitor a target/point of reference in real life.

Anyone figure out how to do this in FSX? I have played around with the view keys but have not had any success. It would be really nice if someone could write an add-on that would let you place the mouse pointer on the runway threshold and then padlock that point of reference.

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Greystone, I don't think this is the answer, but it may help. If you use the num pad - 2 looks straight ahead, 6, left for a left base, etc. I find is very useful, but will give your question more serious thought. Hope this helps.

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Actually, I found the answer with TrackIR 4. This most excellent piece of kit has increased my enjoyment of flight sims tenfold. I can now watch the runway threshold on downwind, base and final and check the panel for airspeed and altitude with no extraneous button hunting. It is especially nice in CFS3 for doing the 135-degree rollover attacks on ground targets. I am still learning to use it properly on air-to-air, but it's coming.

Highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about flt simming. It is how we should have been doing it all along!


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That looks like a worthwhile investment to consider. TNX

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