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I understand that some people have purchased Quality Wings and have had problems with it.
I too initially had problems with the 757 collection purchased through a 3rd party, no support and no refund. I contacted Pay Pal who I used to purchase this item, and they initiated a refund for me.
I then purchased the same from Quality Wings direct, and I must say that the support I have had from them could not be better. My special thanks to Corey Ford, who took the time and trouble to sort out a few teething problems, created I might add, "by myself" and not the product.
I would also urge anyone wishing to get this product to go direct to their site and not a 3rd party. I would give them 10 out of 10, for product and support.

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Precisely my point in the other thread.

Spot on wasn't I! 😂 😉

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