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😞 im posting this same question/problem in different forums and up to date i dont have any answers..
i have a pc HP with windows vista 32bits basic home eddition.
i installed the fs04.
in practice mode or free flight, when you approximating ohare in any plane or condition, i can use and works, the full ils system.
but when you use the the program to fly say from dade to miami or tokio to hk or any other airport world wide..i dond have ils system, the maps in gps do not show vors acctivated or green patterns. the instruments do not activate and 4 out of 10 i crash.
this program was in a laptpo and in other pcs, with xp and it works great. but not with vista..
i presume that im missing a .dll or something but am blind as a bat. i have giving up with fs04 because its hard to land in cat3 conditions ( i like it difficult....its more atractive). try st maarten and dont splash the cars and people ...jejej
since im not registerd my email is for any ideas wich i thank you in advance.

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The chances are that you don't have enough ram to run Vista (a memory hog) and the Sim at the same time.
If you are doing this on a laptop the integrated card isn't getting enough power from a laptops smaller p/s and after a while the laptop overheats causing the crash.


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