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flierdude Guest

Hey everybody. I've been flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator X for awhile now and one thing occurred to me. I don't know if there is a way to communicate with the ATC using an actual microphone and your own voice but if there is could you please tell me how to do that? As a pilot in training this would be very useful to me. Thanks again!


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Mathias Husted (mksas) Trainee

No. 😞 You can only communicate via mic if you are playing online multiplayer (Gamespy).

FlightGuy Guest

If you are willing to spend money there is a way to communicate with ATC with a microphone. There is a program called It's Your Plane.

That link will show you what it is like. It's an amazing. Sadly in the free demo version some features are locked. One of those locked features is the voice communication with ATC. I would recommend looking into it and watching videos to see if it's for you.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

VoxATC is an option, I've only heard of it though and never tried it.

Another option is online multiplayer; you can do it through VATSIM and not have to deal with gamefly.

Or you can use a website I was a member of for awhile, but have since drifted away from:

They're good guys, and always looking for new members.

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