I want to repaint all my planes in Flightsim x

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Any suggestions on which program I can get thats easy to learn. I would like to repaint my planes

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Easy to learn, but the quality of the repaints you'll make are poor.

If you wan't good looking repaints, you'll have to put in some time and effort into learning a program like Adobe Photoshop reading tutorials.

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Here is what I do...

Download dxtbmp. You will need it to convert files from the format they are in to a format you can use.

Use photoshop to edit.

save, then convert a copy of it back to its orginal format in dxtbmp. Be sure to keep the alpha layer intact, as most planes need this to denote what is shiny, transparent, etc.

Below is an example of Dino Cattaneo's tomcat redone in VF-143 Pukin Dogs' colors.

As you can see, it is also my desktop image.

Here is another shot.

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There's now a plugin for Photoshop where you don't have to download dxtbmp.

I'm sorry, but I'm not at my regular computer to tell you where I found it, but I did find it rather easily.

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