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Hey Everybody!

Hope everyone had a great start to their memorial day.

So I have an ACARS system and currently I am not using it because I am in a ditch, and I thought that why would I want to create another website and go head to head competition to other sites! So my offer is I would like to help any airline out by giving them an ACARS system! With that coming I will PHP Script their site, but if your airline is already up, no need to shut the site down. I can always create a test site. I wouldn't mind at all and I can join your staff just as Technology and Site Staff Member. While bring on in the ACARS, I also have a web template that I can offer also, you can look at it if you would like, but no need to accept it, and I can make changes if you would like! All of this is free and I am doing this because I am devoted to what I do as a developer. I understand this can be a tough process for any developer to have much of this work, so first come first served situation is in place.

Email me at for more information and any questions!



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Wait wait wait......

You are in a ditch?

Dude, isn't your keyboard going to get all dirty?

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Flyaway wrote:



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