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Just something that I have wondered about. When you have the runway in sight, you can see four bright lights to the left of the runway on many airports. The lights are white or red. Anyone that can explain to me what these lights mean?

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😀 They are there to aid you in landing
Very simple explanation
2 red 2 white = you are on the optimum glide slope
3 red =too low
4 red = far too low

4/3 white = too high


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Scott Archbold (Scotteiboi) Trainee

I think they are white (red) while you are approaching the threshold, if all 4 of them are red (white) and you have not landed the aircraft you will need to go around....I think it is the basic idea...I may be wrong. ^^,

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TTT hit the nail on the head Precision Approach Path Indicator PAPI in short. There are other systems such as VASI that use 2 or 3 bars and other setups but in FS PAPI is the one seen most. You need to keep 2 red 2 white to be on the correct glideslope.
Easy way to remember.
All white-high as a kite
Two red two white-all right!
Four red-you're dead! Well low anyway
If you have three white one red slightly high.

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I knew I could trust you on this 🙂 . Thanks for the help. Now I only have to memorise that...

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