engines not running on starting FS9

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Hi All... Had this problem before but can't remember what I did to correct it. When starting FS9, I would like to have the engines running rather than a cold and dark situation. I thought the solution was the FS9.cfg file but I cannot find anything there. I started the engines, flew a small flight and then saved this as the default flight but that didn't work either. I even erased the FS9.cfg file and started the system over again but no dice here either. Thanks for your help

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Hi All... It seems I found the answer once again to my problem. The easiest way to have the engines running when first starting FS9 with an aircraft on the runway was to use the default Cessna 172 and the make sure your engines are started and running with the aircraft on the runway. Then press the ; key and then save the flight as the default and then all is well. I must have been saving the flight in the wrong manner and that is why it never had the engines started when first running FS9.

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