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keyman64 Guest

hello , i may be doing something totally wrong, but when i start the engines of some addons, i find that when i use the joystick or keyboard throttle only one of the engines respond.
if i start the planes with engines running everything works fine.i hope it is something simple i am doing wrong,,,,any help

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Press "Ctrl+E" plus 1, if there are more than one engine you have to press 1, 2, 3, 4 fast while holding Ctrl+E.


keyman64 Guest

thanks ,but still only the left hand engine works all the others remain at idle.
this ahs just recently started happening.

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

How many engines are you working with?

Try pushing E 1 and 2 all at the same time.

Once you get into good payware planes where you have to use Overheads, you don't have to keep selecting engines 1 by 2, you just use the buttons to start it without having to use the buttons on the keyboard.

Try pushing E 1 and 2 at the same time though, depending on how many engines you are working with.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Is this on every aircraft you've tried, is it the default ones or the add-ons.


keyman64 Guest

this happens just on addons and it never use to happen.ihave just loaded pmdg 737 a week ago could this be the problem.ctrl+e+12 does not work.
i have tried to go into asssignments but engine selection just has e next to it.it will not let me put in e12 into it.
thanks again

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