Many problems with FSX

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hey there i have just set up fsx on my laptop and 2 things really first off i dont no how to set the plane so all the systems r off from the start its keeps starting the flight with the engines already running and secondly some on the instruments on the display r blured and you cannot operate them any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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Speak English and breathe (punctuation). If we understand what you are trying to say, we might be able to help.

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HOW TO INSTALL the download

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I don't know why anyone is trying to run FSX on a LAPTOP!!!! If the hardware problem wasn't a big issue on the desktop to warrant a major cost excessive overhaul, what makes the laptop a viable, cheaper alternative?

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RadarMan wrote:

George1111 wrote:

HOW TO INSTALL the download



Rofl RM, hahahahha. 😂


Good one. 😉

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