Water wakes, dust and smoke trails appearing like coaldust

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It appears that the coalman has got into my FSX installation because all water wakes, dust from wheels and smoke trails now appear like blocky black coaldust. Does anyone have any idea why this should be? Only thing I can think of is that a Short Sunderland add-on has corrupted water effects somehow.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Meantime I will put on my coalmans' hat and some goggles, and go flying![/b]

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No-one came up with the goodies so I did what I didn't want to have to do and uninstalled everything, and re-installed, so now everything is up and running OK again. Strange that, although I uninstalled FSX, it appeared that most of the files remained in place: that actually stood me in good stead because the re-instal of FSX and everything else went really fast. 😀

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