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Alright. So I'm sure all of the people who went on lamenting about how shareware was so perversely wrong and that I should buy the thing will be glad to know that I did eventually buy it (which was by no part due to there whining). So after dealing with the same problem I had with the previous one, I ran into a new problem. The G1000 is dead blank. I can see bits when I change panels, but the whole cockpit is dead. Nothing works. The support site has been no help so I'm wondering if any of you happen to know the answer. It would be much appreciated. I'm running Windows7 as always as the administrator if your wondering...

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FockWulfe Guest

Oh, yeah. The "thing" in question is the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang. My bad.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nothing works, as in dials don't move or there are holes where the gauges should be-black, empty.


FockWulfe Guest

The screens are blank. As for the rest there are no holes, but, say I try to move the throttle forward. I can, but it doesn't show the throttle moving forward, the power just increases. Same for the other buttons.

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