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The Steering Wheel

Alexic5 Guest

Hi everyone. I'm new with the whole simulation thing, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. What I'd like to Know is how can I reset the steering wheel's possition after take off. I understand you can center it back to where it was after going left or right by pressing Num 5, but I can't find a similar assignment for the going up or down part (for lack of a better word). Help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance.

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After takeoff hit the 'G' Key on your keyboard and the wheels will retract. Select 'G' Key on the approach to deploy gear.

Is this what you were asking for?


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Haha the elevator is what you need to centralize. I think num 5 is the only one man. 🙂 Just use your instinct.

Alexic5 Guest

What I meant is if it's possible to restore the yoke's possition to where it was before I started pushing it backwards in order to ascent for take off. I figured if it's possible to make it straight again in order to maintain a steady heading, it's also possible to make it reach level flight by itself without ascending or descending. Thanks.

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Oh haha. Okay. Well you can't exactly restore the yoke as such, but what you should do is put it back to a normal position (averagely) and the use trim.
Go into your control elevator and set your trim elevator up and trim elevator down keys to ones that you will remember. By pressing on these, it wil accurately steady the nose. Try it.


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I mean't that you must go to your controls and then do that🙂

Malaysia181 Guest

what i use is the mouse yoke that not many ppl use, its easier than the num pad. right click in-game and select mouse yoke. the mouse is the "steering wheel". Hope this helps in yr flying.

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