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FSX Force is now recruiting for the Navy and the Marines, all pilots are welcome, however we do have some small tests first, but easily done. and
some simple questions obviously. We are currently seeking Pilots for the Navy which includes Carrier OPS also...night and day. We have also branched out into the Marine Corp now. Helicopter Assault and the Osprey .
Also in the Navy I am looking for 2 pilots that are capable of flying the
Naval E2 Hawkeye, A.E.W. (airbourne early warning system) and can fly , land on a carrier at night, and at the same time run ATC for our fighter
squadron, such as searching within a raduis for enemy aircraft our subs etc.
Our E2 has a complicated radar system aboard , and a dual monitor system
is Ideal with extended features in windows for the hawkeye. We are a team
of down to earth people that also like to have fun, such as dogfights with
each other, or just shooting the breeze, Missions however we take seriously.
and we promote from within before promoting outsiders. Any questions please contact me Admiral - J"Jungle" Lyman , (Jim) ....Chief of Naval Operations and Marine Corps. Our Teamspeak server is............., thank you for your time, again any and all questions can be answered by any of our C.O.S. ( Chief of Staffs) , online.
sincerly Jim Lyman

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