Using x-plane to practice instrument approaches


I would like to use x-plane in order to practice radio instruments and instrument approaches. I was wondering, though, if there is any literature or tutorials on how to conduct an instrument approach using x-plane 9. Can anyone be of assistance?

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See if this is of any help.

Dead link removed, see links from CaptDennison below.


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We might as well do away with our X-Plane forum if it is going to be ignored.

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[quote="RadarMan"]See if this is of any help.,%20ndb%20%28adf%29%20approaches.html


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I Mainly fly FS9, I also have FSX, and I tried the trial of Xplane10

SERIOUSLY - I dont understand why so many claim Xplane is so great-I saw some nice stuff in it, but it certaily didnt fly like a real aircraft (no sim does)--It seems to me that it was more of a test than anythingelse-to see how many would buy it, much as it was with FLIGHT

Really If you want to learn approaches and IFR flight-go to the local airport and to to the FBo there , and just buy a REAL flight instruction book--everything in a REAL manual can be applied to FS9 or FSX -Or most any sim with full avionics

BTW Radarman the link seems to be not correct and goes nowhere
go to link below and scroll down till you see what you are looking for

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Cleaned it up Cap, thanks.


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