Flight 1 Cessna Citation Mustang

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Does Anyone know if the Flight 1 Cessna Citation Mustang is any good?

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We have it here and you can check out the specs, videos and screenshots.


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Thank you RadarMan however I have already Checked that angle and I was asking someone someone with first hand experience.

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plugnickel58 Trainee

It's a Gd aircraft, but 2 problems, You can't access the radio stack to adj freq for Ils landings, Also, the AP speed control will stick n' not allow decrease in speed it increases,

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You are quite right plugnickel, I seem to vaguely remember that this was not a native FSX aircraft and despite the many bugs and complaints has never been fixed.
...and lo and behold, looking at the Cessna Citation Mustang (Flight1) - FSX page at I see that it's compatible with both, FSX and FS2004 - an indication that the original FS2004 product has been (unsuccessfully) updated to pleasure FSX aficionados.

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I own it. I had some installation issues which caused the G1000 monitors to be blank. Luckily, it is a very well supported product and I looked around on the forum and found a fix. It will devastate your frame rate if your PC isn't good though. On my HP laptop, I got about 5 fps. It was such a great aircraft I flew it anyways, however, and it has been pretty much all I've flown since I got it. It looks incredible on my new PC however. Fanatic attention to detail and visuals. 5 stars regardless.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

It's an outstanding aircraft, but a little hard on frame rates.

If you have a good PC, it's an amazing addon. 😀

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