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I recently built a PC, just for gaming, and when I ran FSX SP2 I was extremely dissapointed at how some things in the game looked. I have a 24" asus VE248 LED monitor, an nVidia GT 560 TI graphicvs card, and a quad core processor to boot. Ample power for a 6 year old game. And yet, when I fly over taxiways they appear fuzzy. Televison static fuzzy. The same thing happenes when looking at areas with a lot of autogen, or airports, but only straight ahead. I'm very displeased. Any help is appreciated.

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It seems as if my new PC is just putting how behind FSX is into perspective.

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I had the same problem and discovered that installation of FSX can be a little fussy.
Unistall FSX and manually delete and leftover folders. Reboot. Install FSX and reboot. Install SP1 and reboot. Install SP2 or Acceleration not BOTH and reboot.
Cured it for me...

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Have you tried turning up the detail levels?
Updating your Direct X?
Checking your graphics card for driver updates?

-Try this, and if it doesn't work, don't hassle to PM me.

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